We are now home, safe and sound, having thoroughly enjoyed our business class flight back to England. We have been seen by our local hospital and doctors, and have been pronounced "fit for work". We would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally, Dr. Praveen, and Dr. Shashiraj Eswarappa, and all the nursing staff for the kindness, care, and consideration they showed us during our stay in your hospital. You made our stay so much easier and comfortable. It truly is an outstanding hospital and you must be very proud to be part of a superb team. Once again, our sincere thanks, and thank you Anju. You are amazing!!!

Mr. Diane Batchelor, United Kingdom.

Would like to pass my sincere appreciation to Dr. Smitha Tharakan and her assistant. I got the best dental medication attention. Competent, sensitive doctors like you are the prize of the medical profession. I can't say enough thank you. Thanks to KIM for wonderful facilities, highly recommend. Joshua


A warm thank you for the professional care & support given to our staff & the reports provided. Can't find the proper words to say for the continuous support we are getting from you. Again & again a big & warm thank you to you personally & the whole team working in KIMS H. in general.

Dr. Nasser

Dear Dr. Biswajith, Dr. Manjeeth and all the Nurses, KIMS Oman Hospital has wonderful group of doctors, nurses, workers and security than many hospitals in Muscat. You will find that good smile everywhere that and heals the patient. From Level 1 to Level 8, I thank all of you for the beautiful hospitality, for the enitre week that my father stayed in KIMS for Knee replacement treatment. Thanks for looking after him. With regards from me and my father, Salim Omer

Salim Omar

Dear Dr. Anas & Staff, This is just a note to thank you for all the care at a very scary time. I had never experienced breathlessness before and hospitalization abraod was freightening. I would like to thank everyone involved, the nurses , the admin staff (Especially Anju). To every one a heartfelt Thank you. - Elizabeth (Grace Blair)

Elizabeth (Grace Blair)

Thank you for everything you've done for me. I am so happy, I have found a doctor like you.

Mr. Zunaira (For Dr. Sibasis Bisoi, General Surgeon)

Dear Dr. Shashiraj and Nursing team (KIMS), They say it's the medicines or a particular hospital that makes you well. I don't agree !! I believe it was the Doctor and his efficient team that brought necessary. I Thank God for my necessary. I thank God for making you and your team a part of our family. God bless you all. Assured of our prayers for you and your families. Keep up the great job! With lots of Love and Prayers Derryl Rebeiro

Derryl Rebeiro

Overall experience was excellent. Dr Abishek and Dr Sibasis were excellent. The support from the nurses was good especially nurse Smija. (Mrs Soumya Rai was brought to KIMS Oman Hopistal, emergency department, after a 13% chemical burns, and was taken care by Dr. Abishek, head of emergency department)

Mrs.Soumya Rai , MR no. 395119

Overall, our experience with the KIMS Oman Hospital was excellent. Initially my wife was treated by Dr Arun for Urinary Infection and then referred to Surgeon. Though the surgery was complicated , Dr Lal, one of the best anaesthetist that we can have, was always reassuring and smiling. When my wife was wheeled into the OT, Dr Lal mentioned to us not to worry and that was a great relief for us. Post operatively she was taken care of very well. To name few of them, nurse Renjini, Rajmy , Johncy and other nurses who looked after my wife were excellent and the nursing care was professional. The lab and billing departments were excellent. Need improvement in food.

Mrs.Nagalakshmi Rao, MR No. 76413

I would like to give a small appreciation to the best doctor that I have seen and met in life. By means of Allah and Dr. Abubacker a second life written for me. His swift action which was taken was highly appreciated. Trust this will not happen unless his experiences can deal with all cases and with his treatment. To sum up, KIMS Oman Hospital should be very proud to have such wise and responsible doctor in the team. (He was presented to KIMS casualty department with severe abdominal pain. He was diagnosed as Pyloric Perforation and was hence moved for further treatment. )

Khalid Ali Saif

Five years ago, I had a mysterious disease, heat and Sensitivity in the skin with rashes on the face and scalp, I consulted than Dr. ABEER AHMED the Rheumatologist specialist in KIMS , diagnosed the disease as a SLE. “Systemic lupus erythematous” But I underestimated her diagnosis. I went to too many countries including India and Britain, others diagnosed the disease each time with a different diagnosis and with the different medicines the suffering increased around the years. Until it appeared The truth is that I have SLE in real. and developed into (CIDP) “Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy”. which is a rare neurological disorder immune disease. But it is too late. I went back to the doctor and the KIMS Hospital that I underestimated them, which proved to be the most correct, But this time with full trust in Dr. ABEER AHMED and her colleague Dr. N. S. Joseph with all respect and appreciation. Really they are Jewells for KIMS team and unique figures with their wide knowledge and wisdom.

Hussain Al Haj Ali

At Kims Oman Hospital, we constantly strive to improve our services and we appreciate your valuable feedback. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think of our services. Thank you!