PR - Epilepsy -Dr. Santosh Balagopal, Sr. Consultant - Neurology

Epilepsy, the most common chronic neurological disorders, is a major public health problem in many countries. In Middle East and Gulf region, epilepsy is known by names such as Al Sara, Zaif , Abilipsya etc. The cause of epilepsy is at time genetic or acquired but mostly the cause includes both genetic and acquired factors.  Thus, a correct diagnosis of epilepsy is of utmost importance as there are many conditions which may mimic a seizure disorder.Dr. Santosh Kumar Balagopal, Sr. Consultant Neurologist (Epileptologist) at KIMS Oman Hospital says it is important for a patient suffering with epilepsy to establish a positive relationship with his or her doctor with whom they can share and discuss their condition openly. 

Dr. Santosh has served as a Senior Consultant at The Royal Hospital and Sohar Hospital, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman.  He specialises in Epilepsy and Stroke Medicine from University of Western Ontario, Canada.  He also holds Specialty Certification in Neurology from the Royal College of Physicians (UK) and British Association of Neurologists.

On a closing note, KIMS Oman Hospital has a well-equipped epilepsy clinic, with the right choice of doctors who could help diagnose and manage of your epilepsy. With a correct diagnosis and  right choice of medications, people with epilepsy can now expect to be better integrated into home, working and community life, and ultimately lead   more independent  and more active lives than previously thought possible.